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Why get a Custom Radius on my Hockey Skates?

A Custom Radius allows you to change the amount of blade making contact with the ice, and the balance point of the ice contact. A Custom Radius also assures that both your skates are the same, which isn't always the case with new skates, or skates that have been sharpened often or improperly!

So, what Custom Radius should I get?

Well, the short answer is that we recommend a "9-foot balanced" as a typical starting point for most people.

Here's the long answer! Every Custom Radius job is different for every person; It varies in the following ways:

Radius size (measured in feet)

  • For better balance and stability, get a larger radius - over 9 foot.
  • For quicker take-offs and stops, get a larger radius - over 9 foot.
  • For improved turning and agility, get a smaller radius - under 9 foot.
Pitch (various degrees)

  • A Forward pitch gives a balance point more to the ball of foot - common with forward players.
  • A Balanced pitch gives a balance point centered within the boot.
  • A Backward pitch gives more upright balance point, and on the heels - common with defensive players.
Our Radius Package Includes:

  • A skate sharpening to desired blade hollow to maximize your performance!
  • Fastrax to increase glide and minimize oxidation of the blades
  • 30 days of free adjustments to fine tune your radius (if needed), from the original day of your Custom Radius purchase
Price is $30.00, after taxes.

If you would like to discuss which Custom Radius is right for you, or have a general inquiry, please contact us online or give us a call! One of our Skate Specialists will be happy to help you.

Please note that we require 24 hours to prepare for your Custom Radius job. If you choose to purchase this service online, please send us your skates to have them serviced.* Alternatively, you may also drop them off in person! Please print and attach a receipt to your skates, showing you have purchased this service.

*Figure 8 & Hockey One is not responsible for any lost or damaged goods during delivery.

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Custom Radius - Hockey

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